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Special Election for Treasurer & Secretary

Seeking Interested Candidates

cast your vote in our special election

The Neighbors of East Village will be holding a special election during the week of July 18th to fill the open roles for Neighborhood Association Treasurer and Association Secretary. At a high-level here are their respective duties:

  • Association Treasurer: Manage the association's budget and financial records along with our registered checking account. Additionally you will need to attend our monthly board meetings. We have a small expense base so this only requires a few hours per month.

  • Association Secretary: Assist with the scheduling of meetings and events along with recording the minutes of our monthly board meeting.

Full details on their roles and responsibilities can be found in our association bylaws.

Are you interested in joining our board? Please send an email to by Friday, July 15th to let us know of your intent. We will ask you to provide a short bio and photo to include in our electronic ballot.

Voting will be held the week of July 18th. Ballots will be sent electronically to members in good standing. You will have five days to submit your vote.

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