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Crime Watch Meeting Minutes: May 2022

On Thursday, May 26 we had our second quarterly Neighborhood Crime Watch Meeting in conjunction with the Dallas Police Department.


Download The Crime Stats Report For Our Neighborhood

Neighbors of East Village 5-2-22
Download PDF • 1.17MB


Meeting Highlights:

  • Gunshots - please call and report to 911 if you hear gunshots - even if you don't know specifically where they came from. Police resources are distributed in the city based on where frequent calls are coming from, so it is important to get these disturbances logged if nothing else.

  • Alexander Court Apartments on Ross Avenue - new owner has taken over and code compliance has been working with them to get extensive violations resolved.

  • Homeless Issues - Police will contact the office of homeless solutions to try and address the individual behind Kroger and clean up homeless trash that has accumulated along the on ramp to US-75 / Central Expressway

  • Trash Being Looked Through - some neighbors are having issues with people rummaging through the trash bins and scattering garbage on the driveway. This can be considered a littering violation but hard for police to catch someone in the act. Looking on amazon they do sell some straps for trash cans and you could probably get a padlock to help secure it. They could still be broken into but it might help deter some people from going through it.

  • For Code Compliance Issues, please contact 311 or submit a ticket through their website (Trash, weeds, etc.)

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