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New Affordable Housing Project Proposed For East Village

O-SDA Industries is submitting an application for the development of a 96-unit affordable housing development within the NOEV boundaries. The primary site is at the corner of Lafayette & Annex with a secondary site at North Fitzhugh & Deere.

It should be noted, this is not a public housing project. O-SDA Industries is a women-lead for-profit organization that develops multi-family communities across Texas. They receive tax credits by ensuring a percentage of units are set aside for people making 50-80% of the Area Median Family Income (AMFI) – for us this means between $45k - $50k per year

O-SDA presented to the NOEV board last week (you can download the presentation here). Their previous developments have included public art installations, mural work and even the restoration and repurpose of a historic church in Fort Worth. They seem interested in ensuring this development works with the evolving aesthetic of the neighborhood.

The land is already appropriately zoned for this development; their application process is to secure the tax credits needed to fund the project. We are committed to staying in communication with O-SDA to ensure the development blends seamlessly into the neighborhood. If you have any questions or concerns you’d like to pose to them, please contact and we will pass them along.

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