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The Neighbors of East Village is committed to establishing a solid presence in our neighborhood which can only be achieved with your support. We want to tap into the many talents and interests of our members through the four committees of Social Events, Communications, Membership, and Safety & Welfare. If you are interested in volunteering, please email

Get Involved


Social Events

Have a knack for planning events?

Create the future programming of NOEV from quarterly meetings to block parties. This committee's mission is to bring us together!


Safety & Welfare

Want to crack down on crime or lead beautification projects?


Be a part of this crucial committee to coordinate and create new ideas to reduce crime in our neighborhood and improve quality of life.



Are you excited to welcome new people to our neighborhood?

Help us reach new and existing neighbors by promoting NOEV and helping them engage with our association. The benefits are limitless!



Do you have a talent for spreading information effectively?


Take the reigns on communicating with our membership, community at large, and external stakeholders.

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